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This is neoliberal Britain. What option is there other than striking?

Left Strategy, UK Policy Sep 17, 2012 1 Comment

Iain MacWhirter’s arguments against industrial action by public sector workers appears to leave them with no option but to be preyed on by the CBI. Surely people must have a right to protect themselves? Surely we all have a responsibility to explain what people should do when we’re telling them what not to do?

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Two Important Media Initiatives

Left Strategy, Media Sep 13, 2012 Add a comment

The new issue of the Scottish Left Review is now online. In it are two articles about two different media initiatives in Scotland. Here are the articles

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‘Hidden spaces’ – how to privatise Scotland by stealth

Left Strategy, Scottish Policy, UK Policy Sep 03, 2012 Add a comment

The Reform Scotland proposals to merge parts of the public sector into big units is anti-deomcratic and seems intentionally designed to make the public sector especially susceptible to profiteering by the financial sector. We need to be more alert to the real intention of this agenda.

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Politicians have no idea who we really are

Scottish Policy, UK Policy Aug 30, 2012 Add a comment

MSPs are pandering to imaginary Scots, writes Robin McAlpine, based on polls about what people think 

Understanding the Permanent State of Emergency

Scottish Policy, World Policy Aug 28, 2012 Add a comment

By taking time to properly explain the purpose of NATO instead of swallowing whole its own press releases, James Foley responds to George Kerevan’s case for a pro-NATO Scottish independence in the Scotsman on Friday.

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NATO Policy Must Serve the Nation, not US Corporate Interests

Scottish Policy, World Policy Aug 27, 2012 Add a comment

Article from the Scotland on Sunday on why we need to start thinking about the big foriegn policy downsides of NATO membership, and to be clearer on what NATO is really for.

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Siege Monday: send rations to Assange and Salmond

Scottish Policy, UK Policy, World Policy Aug 20, 2012 Add a comment

Salmond and Assange start the day under siege. But the besieger is very keen that we don’t think in too much detail about what happens if they are successful. When the destination is unpalatable, talk instead about the journey.

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Savage Wars of Peace

Scottish Policy, World Policy Aug 16, 2012 Add a comment

Chris Harvie offers a thoughtful take on a future foreign policy for Scotland.

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All hurt by the economics of fun

UK Policy Aug 14, 2012 Add a comment

Just a bit of harmless fun? No it wasn’t, it was a political agenda that transformed British capitalism into a parasite on us all. From today’s Scotsman.

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Gambling: a sort of revenge on the working class

UK Policy Aug 06, 2012 Add a comment

The deregulation of gambling by Tony Blair was as much an act of revenge on the poor as it was a gift for gambling corporations. Harriet Harman’s regrets are welcome but only reveal once more that the class the governs understands little about many of they people they govern.

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