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Savage Wars of Peace

Scottish Policy, World Policy Aug 16, 2012 Add a comment

Chris Harvie offers a thoughtful take on a future foreign policy for Scotland.

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All hurt by the economics of fun

UK Policy Aug 14, 2012 Add a comment

Just a bit of harmless fun? No it wasn’t, it was a political agenda that transformed British capitalism into a parasite on us all. From today’s Scotsman.

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Gambling: a sort of revenge on the working class

UK Policy Aug 06, 2012 Add a comment

The deregulation of gambling by Tony Blair was as much an act of revenge on the poor as it was a gift for gambling corporations. Harriet Harman’s regrets are welcome but only reveal once more that the class the governs understands little about many of they people they govern.

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Labour can’t be radical by default

Political Parties, Scottish Policy Aug 03, 2012 Add a comment

Some in the Labour Party may think that the way the constitutional debate has exposed a clear vacuum in the SNP’s vision of what it is for has helped redefine the Labour Party by default. It hasn’t, and the really difficult questions for the Scottish Labour Party lie ahead. One more poll suggests they haven’t yet offered any compelling answers.

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The truth about social conservatives: politically they don’t matter

Left Strategy, Scottish Policy, World Policy Jul 26, 2012 Add a comment

Putting bishops on your front page and then believing they are important because they are on your front page is simple a delusion of the media. Over and over ‘culture wars’ turn out to be no such thing as Scotland adapts quickly and happily to liberal progress. Why do commentators still predict armageddon for liberal politicians?

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Why is the SNP rubbing the left’s nose in it?

Left Strategy, Political Parties, Scottish Policy Jul 23, 2012 Add a comment

The right-wing drift of the SNP is turning into a march. The same is true of the left whose drift away from the Party is accelerating. Has the SNP left just resigned itself to becoming like the Westminster Labour Left? Is there now no challenge to the creation of New SNP? 

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Policing is for the elite: that is the order to be kept

Scottish Policy, UK Policy Jul 20, 2012 Add a comment

The idea that anyone in Britain could talk about a ‘people’s police force’ is laughable. In fact we have elite policing maintaining order for corporations. People are just collateral damage.

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Don’t vote against NATO. Vote for something better.

Political Parties, Scottish Policy, World Policy Jul 17, 2012 1 Comment

So the motion to the SNP conference calling for a reversal in NATO policy has been made public. Those who have moved it have built principle into the heart of it. All the rest of the SNP has to do is build in a little more principle.

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Not a moral compass, a helter skelter of values

UK Policy Jul 16, 2012 Add a comment

What is wrong with bus drivers? In what world is G4S honourable? Can I really just refuse to meet my contractual obligations? What on earth happened to values in Britain?

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Run fast, jump high, steal big

UK Policy Jul 13, 2012 Add a comment

The Olympics offer one more cover story for the looting of Britain. Public government is now just a human shield for private government, and private government is becoming the biggest threat to democracy in many generations.

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