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Thatcher failed

Political Parties, UK Policy Apr 09, 2013 Add a comment

Article for Scotsman on Thatcher’s legacy – she succeeded politically and culturally but structurally she failed Britain completely.

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Real Freedom Sounds Like Many Voices

Media Mar 19, 2013 Add a comment

The press regulation debate is pitiful and we deserve – and can have – better. My article from Bella Caledonia

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Media hypocrisy shames our newspapers

Media Mar 17, 2013 4 Comments

The media’s reporting of the politic of press regulation shames it. It demonstrates a hypocrisy and abuse of power it would not tolerate in others. With each new editorial it’s credibility and reputation slip further.

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Inquiries and the deformed state

Scottish Policy, UK Policy Mar 05, 2013 Add a comment

The British State’s attitude to inquiries is like the Hapsburg’s attitude to marriage – who cares if the outcome is deformity and an inability to function properly. So long as we don’t let outsiders meddle in our affairs we’ll still be Kings of the World., even if we can’t see and our fragile skeleton will no longer sustain our weight.

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Selling an island’s future for £2,000 is a Ministerial responsibility

Scottish Policy Feb 22, 2013 Add a comment

The people of Raasay loose the right to exploit their own resources for £2,000. New Public Management allows officials to run society without political interference – but only if Ministers refuse to interfere.

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Poverty isn’t a rebranding opportunity

Left Strategy, Political Parties, Scottish Policy Feb 17, 2013 5 Comments

Scottish Labour is suddenly all about poverty, but it looks more like a means to attack the SNP than a realisation of past errors. Credibility comes from action, not PR.

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Before we choose a country, SNP must choose a continent

Political Parties, Scottish Policy Feb 13, 2013 Add a comment

It is time the SNP accepted it has to resolve the glaring contradictions in its emerging vision for Scotland. That means Nicola Sturgeon has to take control of economic policy.

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A week of distortion and no-one to defend us

Media, Scottish Policy Feb 07, 2013 Add a comment

Distortions, lies, manipulations – another week in corporate PR, another week with no-one ready to fight back on behalf of the wider population.

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Some thoughts on the First Minister’s lecture

Left Strategy, Scottish Policy Jan 30, 2013 Add a comment

Last night First Minister Alex Salmond gave the inaugural Jimmy Reid Memorial Lecture on the theme ‘Addressing Alienation: the opportunity of independence’. These are a few thoughts on what he said.

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Re-Imagining Public Ownership

Scottish Policy Jan 15, 2013 1 Comment

The next issue of the Scottish Left Review is out on Thursday. Here we post a preview of an article by Andy Cumbers on developing a case for public ownership in Scotland.

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