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It’s a Craig Whyte economy

Scottish Policy, UK Policy Feb 26, 2012 Add a comment

Suddenly everyone knows that the Rangers owner is a devious parasite. So why don’t they realise that he is the embodiment of British Capitalism and not an aberration?

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Coercion – its the way of the right

UK Policy Feb 25, 2012 Add a comment

There has been such endless discussion of the Tory Government ‘workfare’ scheme that if you weren’t paying attention you’d think it was a technical matter and not a right-wing fetish with pushing people about

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Trump – master of Egg Power

Media, Scottish Policy Feb 24, 2012 Add a comment

It looks hard, it acts soft, but really it’s just a mess: Donald Trump is not that powerful and none of us should miss this great opportunity to ignore him

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When your friends make you look like a fool

UK Policy Feb 24, 2012 Add a comment

In the foreground, our earnest Prime Minister telling us to stop being suspicious of businesses. In the background, one of his business pals stuffing her pockets with public money.

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Is Cameron a capitalist? Perhaps not

Political Parties, UK Policy Feb 23, 2012 Add a comment

In the trailed extracts of his speech, Cameron doesn’t seem to have understood the very philosophy behind free-market economics. Is he a committed capitalist, or is he just an old-fashioned elitist Tory

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Confusions, persistence and the dismal science

UK Policy, World Policy Feb 22, 2012 Add a comment

We are still being force-fed the bankrupt theories of ‘supply-side economics’ on the assumption we won’t really know what it means. Time to swat up.

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Smoking out the difference between proof and evidence

UK Policy Feb 20, 2012 Add a comment

Very right wing think tank seems very confused over the meaning of words – or is simply just at it

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Energy firms – the quest for a knight

UK Policy Feb 19, 2012 Add a comment

A poll on attitudes to the behaviour of big energy companies runs absolutely counter to the dominant political narrative. So what wins out?

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Should we add a cash motive to policing?

Scottish Policy Feb 19, 2012 Add a comment

At first sight most people will be supportive of the idea of a ‘gangster tax’ – but we do at least need to think about the potential precedent

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It’s not a ‘mancession’

Scottish Policy, UK Policy Feb 17, 2012 1 Comment

There was a lot of talk at one point of the impacts of recession hitting men worse than women. Well, Cameron’s austerity budgeting has reversed that particular problem.

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