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How finance made us all livestock

Scottish Policy Jul 04, 2012 Add a comment

How Big Finance came to believe that we are all livestock for munching on – a very slightly longer version of Scotsman article

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Living in the Valley of the Fallen

Left Strategy, UK Policy, World Policy Jun 27, 2012 2 Comments

Spanish Francoists and English Tories are using economic suffering to impose a right-wing populist agenda and if it goes ahead in Britain it will transform the country into a nasty little place. What is worrying is that there is virtually no sign of any strategy that might actually save Britain from this fate.

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I’m an apprentice movie star so I’ll be a real movie star next week, right?

Left Strategy, Scottish Policy Jun 21, 2012 Add a comment

The apprenticeship-driven recovery strategy was a great strategy for politicians and training providers. But why are they now surprised that a supply-side-only economic measure has failed to create any actual jobs? They never do…

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Reality is sooo 2009

UK Policy, World Policy Jun 19, 2012 Add a comment

The private sector can find no way to grow on its own and so now sees the public sector as a large asset to be stripped to keep it fat. Privatisation is the new quantitative easing and fantasy is the new reality.

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It’s past time to stop this plundering

Scottish Policy Jun 15, 2012 Add a comment

A new Audit Scotland report shows that the public is being conned over mergers that are based on lies and distortions. What it doesn’t do is point the finger at who is to blame – a cabal of private legal and accountancy firms which are plundering Scotland. They must be stopped.

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Time to police this hopeonomics

Uncategorized Jun 13, 2012 Add a comment

The makey-upy statistics on how much a single police force will ‘save’ Scotland offers just one more example of ‘hopeonomics’ – accountants balance sheets comprising of ideology rather than numbers.

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The case for a reparations movement in Europe

Left Strategy, World Policy Jun 12, 2012 Add a comment

Now seems like a good time to point out that four years on and promises that if we leave those who caused the financial crisis to fix it unimpeded all will be well seem hollow. So if they haven’t cleaned up their mess, it is time they were properly blamed for it. We need a reparations movement for Europe.

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Selectivity? OK. Spain then.

UK Policy, World Policy Jun 08, 2012 Add a comment

Euro 2012 – take any identity you want (we’re told), so long as it doesn’t interfere with the British State which is currently trying to jail-break a rich white woman from a Ukrainian prison just because she’s rich. Or why I’m supporting Span…

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If there is no alternative, we will soon have to choose one nationalism or the other

Left Strategy, UK Policy, World Policy Jun 06, 2012 Add a comment

In the world in 2012 only democratic nation states have the capacity to challenge global financial power. Which means that we will eventual have to choose between the two nationalisms available to us (Scottish and British) on the basis of a careful assessment on whether they are different or not.

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Is it over yet? No, not by a long way.

Left Strategy, Scottish Policy, UK Policy Jun 05, 2012 3 Comments

The Jubilee shows that Scotland and England seem to have a very different social contract with the state, with England’s deference contrasting with a more fundamental social democracy in Scotland. The Jubilee is over but the social question remains. How will the unionist-left resolve this?

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