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Loyalty never seems to get in the way of the voracious right

Left Strategy, Political Parties, Scottish Policy Apr 17, 2012 4 Comments

If the right of the SNP is allowed to simply disregard Party discipline and kidnap the agenda in an attempt to create a New SNP, then New SNP will pay a price. It is the left of the party which has shown loyalty and discipline that needs to stop this – by speaking out now.

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There’s no such thing as ‘commercial freedom of speech’

UK Policy Apr 14, 2012 Add a comment

Abhorrent and disgusting is my immediate reaction to the idea that cigarette manufacturers have the inalienable right to sell us poison and that we have ‘no right’ to prevent them. Inventing the concept of ‘commercial freedom of speech’ makes it more abhorrent again.

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Face down these ‘philanthropists’ with their hands in our pockets

UK Policy Apr 13, 2012 Add a comment

George Osborne was actually right to cap tax relief on charitable giving for the very wealthy. If they are ‘such great guys’ who got rich with the help of clever accountants and ‘tax minimisation strategies’, should they not both give something back and pay their taxes?

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Butterfly or dysfunctional caterpillar?

Scottish Policy Apr 12, 2012 Add a comment

The Curriculum for Excellence was designed to be a transformation. Instead it looks too much like the old system with bits bolted on. Just don’t blame the teachers.

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US justice isn’t fit for a dog. Why won’t people say it?

UK Policy, World Policy Apr 11, 2012 Add a comment

There is no crime which could justify the way the US goes about its system of ‘justice’. Rape, torture, slavery, executions, racial bias and rigged trials are a fundamental feature of the system. Why does Britain still go along with this horror?

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Neither a diversion nor a cause, but a big question

Scottish Policy Apr 11, 2012 Add a comment

Blaming universities for graduate unemployment is an intentional diversion from the real cause of youth unemployment. But we need to open up a much wider and better informed debate about what universities are for.

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Poor Ukrainian or wealthy security service official, justice is justice

UK Policy, World Policy Apr 10, 2012 Add a comment

There will be few links made between the rape and murder of a Ukrainian girl and the involvement of the British security services in illegal rendition and torture. This just shows that justice for those deeply embedded into the state is non-existent wherever you go.

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Our holidays are ours – its the CEBR that needs some time off

UK Policy Apr 09, 2012 Add a comment

A report by the Centre for Economics and Business Research informs us that our Easter weekend is too expensive and that we need to work harder. The report is a sham, the arguments intentionally incorrect and the only possible response is derision.

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Salmond must end this Nato speculation – or pay the price

Left Strategy, Political Parties, Scottish Policy Apr 08, 2012 9 Comments

Whomever is briefing that the SNP is going to U-turn on its opposition to Nato must be stopped immediately by the Party leader. If this speculation is allowed to continue, the inference that the left will draw may irreparably damage the Party’s support.

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Big Society fund – an abyss we would do well to avoid

Scottish Policy, UK Policy Apr 05, 2012 Add a comment

Claiming to understand ‘the Big Society’ and casually suggesting that we can’t afford universal social provision are quite the fashion. It is time for people to wake up and understand how the project to dismantle society really works.

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