All you need to know about The Reid Foundation...

About Us

The Jimmy Reid Foundation has been established in memory of Jimmy Reid and to continue the legacy of radical political thinking his life represented. 

The Foundation is an independent ‘think tank’ and advocacy group focussed on practical, policy proposals for transforming Scotland which are based on analysis and investigation of the current Scottish and global political, cultural and social situation.

The Jimmy Reid Foundation was set up to include the full range of progressive politics in Scotland.  All the work of The Reid Foundation is based on a series of underpinning principles drawn from Jimmy’s own thinking:

  • That society should be based on equality and social justice
  • That people should have the democratic power to influence their workplace and social institutions
  • That quality of life should be at the forefront of political debateand not an afterthought
  • That justice can only come from peace and support for human rights
  • That ideas, learning, arts and culture have the power to transform society and individuals
  • That all these principles are underpinned by the importance of national identity and a vision for Scotland

The Jimmy Reid Foundation has been set up by the Scottish Left Review Editorial Board ( – the SLR was Jimmy’s last major political project.