How We Work

The Jimmy Reid Foundation was established in 2011 by the Scottish Left Review, the political magazine which was Jimmy’s last major political project.

The Foundation is an independent ‘think tank’, not affiliated to any political party or organisation but works closely with anyone interested in a more progressive future for Scotland. By making strenuous efforts to maintain party political neutrality the Foundation aims to offer a home for all people of the left in Scotland.

The Foundation is based around a work programme which is set and overseen by a Project Board. The Project Board is made up of leading Scottish thinkers in their area and is intentionally non-party political. A list of the current members of the Project Board can be found below.

But the Foundation is not a ‘closed shop’; in everything we do we will try as far as possible to make our work and its development open to debate and discussion with anyone who is interested and feels they have something to add.

The Foundation is funded through donations. The vast majority of those both by number and by value are from ordinary people who want to see the Foundation succeed. But we also receive donations from organisations such as trade unions, campaigning groups and charitable trusts. The Foundation will not accept any donation which would be likely to compromise its independence in any way.

If you would like to make a one-off donation, you can do so below but if you are able, it would be particularly helpful to us if you would consider setting up a regular donation. 1st step is to sign up to become a member of the Foundation. You can choose to donate via PayPal or by post.



Members of the Project Board

Jim Cuthbert

Jim Cuthbert is an economist and statistician who was formerly Scottish Office Chief Statistician. She is now retired and pursues research interests.

Margaret Cuthbert
Margaret Cuthbert is an economist and statistician who among other things lectured in econometrics at Glasgow University. He is now retired and pursues research interests.

Mike Danson
Mike Danson is Professor of Enterprise Policy, Heriot-Watt University, Treasurer of the Academy of Social Sciences, and Fellow of the Institution of Economic Development and of the Regional Studies Association.

Carole Ewart

Carole Ewart is a public policy and human rights consultant, working primarily with the not for profit sector in Scotland.

Gregor Gall
Gregor Gall is Research Professor of Industrial Relations at the University of Hertfordshire, a frequent contributor to the Morning Star, the Guardian’s ‘Comment is free’ and a member of the Editorial Board of the Scottish Left Review.

Lynne Henderson
Lynn Henderson is the Scottish Secretary and National Officer for Northern Ireland for the Public and Commercial Services (PCS) Union

Pat Kane
Pat Kane is a musician, writer, broadcaster, activist. and author of The Play Ethic: A Manifesto for a Different Way of Living.,,,

Henry Maitles
Henry Maitles is Professor in Education at the University of the West of Scotland, researching and teaching in the area of citizenship and values,

Gerry McCartney
Gerry McCartney works as a consultant in public health medicine and has an interest in alternative economics and sustainability.

Bob Thomson
Bob Thomson is a retired senior trade union official and member of the General Council of the STUC as well as an ex-Chairman and Treasurer of the Scottish Labour Party.

Eurig Scandrett
Eurig Scandrett is a Lecturer in Sociology and Queen Margaret University and was head of community action at Friends of the Earth Scotland.