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Poor Ukrainian or wealthy security service official, justice is justice

Apr 10, 2012 Add a comment

There will be few links made between the rape and murder of a Ukrainian girl and the involvement of the British security services in illegal rendition and torture. This just shows that justice for those deeply embedded into the state is non-existent wherever you go.

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Media memory-hole leaves us all suffering

Mar 19, 2012 Add a comment

If the the UK media is incapable of reporting today’s news in the light of what we learned yesterday, democracy is in trouble

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Forget the dead Afghan children, empathise with their killer

Mar 18, 2012 Add a comment

Once again the western media has simply told the story the US Army wants told, about a lone gunman with personal problems who has nothing to do with the army, its methods or foreign policy. 

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Read this – so you know why the competitiveness stuff is wrong

Mar 13, 2012 Add a comment

It won’t take you long to skim this article but after you do you will be in a much better position to argue against George Osborne and the cut-business-tax-and-deregulate gang

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A blood-soaked knife, gently wrapped in a fairytale

Mar 13, 2012 Add a comment

Rather than reinforcing the same-old lies from the military and the state, now would be a good time for the British media to demonstrate some of the freedom over which it has been shedding crocodile tears at the Levenson Inquiry

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The sickening choreography of brutality

Mar 12, 2012 Add a comment

Perhaps military spin makes us feel slightly less bad about military atrocity. But that makes us more complicit, not ‘more innocent’.

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Blair and Brown go on trial today. I wish.

Mar 06, 2012 1 Comment

On the day when the former PM of Iceland goes on trial for his part in the banking crisis, the rest of us can only look on and wish our politicians were accountable too

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We can’t keep pretending that Lockerbie is over

Feb 28, 2012 Add a comment

The tide in Lockerbie is around our ears; it is too late to play Canute, but there is just about time to lift up our heads

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It’s like praising Actimel during the plague

Feb 27, 2012 Add a comment

Two stories sitting next to each other today suggest that people still don’t really understand the underlying economic problems we face

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Confusions, persistence and the dismal science

Feb 22, 2012 Add a comment

We are still being force-fed the bankrupt theories of ‘supply-side economics’ on the assumption we won’t really know what it means. Time to swat up.

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