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Politicians have no idea who we really are

Aug 30, 2012 Add a comment

MSPs are pandering to imaginary Scots, writes Robin McAlpine, based on polls about what people think 

Siege Monday: send rations to Assange and Salmond

Aug 20, 2012 Add a comment

Salmond and Assange start the day under siege. But the besieger is very keen that we don’t think in too much detail about what happens if they are successful. When the destination is unpalatable, talk instead about the journey.

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All hurt by the economics of fun

Aug 14, 2012 Add a comment

Just a bit of harmless fun? No it wasn’t, it was a political agenda that transformed British capitalism into a parasite on us all. From today’s Scotsman.

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Gambling: a sort of revenge on the working class

Aug 06, 2012 Add a comment

The deregulation of gambling by Tony Blair was as much an act of revenge on the poor as it was a gift for gambling corporations. Harriet Harman’s regrets are welcome but only reveal once more that the class the governs understands little about many of they people they govern.

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Policing is for the elite: that is the order to be kept

Jul 20, 2012 Add a comment

The idea that anyone in Britain could talk about a ‘people’s police force’ is laughable. In fact we have elite policing maintaining order for corporations. People are just collateral damage.

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Not a moral compass, a helter skelter of values

Jul 16, 2012 Add a comment

What is wrong with bus drivers? In what world is G4S honourable? Can I really just refuse to meet my contractual obligations? What on earth happened to values in Britain?

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Run fast, jump high, steal big

Jul 13, 2012 Add a comment

The Olympics offer one more cover story for the looting of Britain. Public government is now just a human shield for private government, and private government is becoming the biggest threat to democracy in many generations.

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Dumbers. Like numbers but based on our inability to understand them.

Jul 11, 2012 Add a comment

 You might be able to find the Higgs Boson using pure mathematics but you’re not going to find a healthy economy. So how about focussing on a credible plan rather than arithmetical parlour games.

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Living in the Valley of the Fallen

Jun 27, 2012 2 Comments

Spanish Francoists and English Tories are using economic suffering to impose a right-wing populist agenda and if it goes ahead in Britain it will transform the country into a nasty little place. What is worrying is that there is virtually no sign of any strategy that might actually save Britain from this fate.

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Reality is sooo 2009

Jun 19, 2012 Add a comment

The private sector can find no way to grow on its own and so now sees the public sector as a large asset to be stripped to keep it fat. Privatisation is the new quantitative easing and fantasy is the new reality.

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