All you need to know about The Reid Foundation...

About Us

The Jimmy Reid Foundation has been established in memory of Jimmy Reid and to continue the legacy of radical political thinking his life represented. 

It is a think tank and advocacy group focussed on practical policy proposals for transforming Scotland which are based on analysis and investigation of the current Scottish and global political, cultural and social situation.


The Jimmy Reid Foundation was set up as a campaigning body which seeks to include the full range of progressive politics in Scotland. This means we are not neutral – we try to achieve specific outcomes. But it does mean we seek always to be plural – providing space for different and dissenting views.
The Scottish independence campaign provides a particular test of this position. The majority of people across the Scottish left support independence – but not all do. The Foundation has sought to find a way to express the views of the many pro-independence academics and writers in Scotland while not excluding those who are not pro-independence.
Our response has been the Common Weal Project. This project sets out a wide-ranging vision of the kind of society Scotland could become if it followed progressive politics. This project is specifically designed to apply to Scotland irrespective of the outcome of the referendum with a set of policies which can be pursued no matter the outcome.
The Foundation will not take a position on how people should vote; we shall provide a vision of a possible future for Scotland and allow individuals to decide the best constitutional way to achieve that future.

It aims to have a direct influence both on policy and politics and on debate and the media coverage of major issues. It aims to counterbalance the well-funded conservative and neoliberal agendas being pushed in Scotland by big business, business-funded think tanks and advocacy groups and by sections of the corporate media.

It aims to raise the public and political profile of alternatives to the profit-driven ideologies which have dominated and to press for better understanding of cultural, intellectual and social issues which are often overlooked in political debate.

And for media, parliament and others it would aim to provide better access to alternative voices capable of arguing for these alternatives.

The Jimmy Reid Foundation will bring together voices and minds from across the spectrum of left politics in Scotland – socialists and social campaigners, feminists and anti-racist campaigners, environmentalists and the peace movement.

It will reach out to the SNP and the Labour Party, the left and green political parties, campaigners and academics, artists, thinkers, writers and anyone else who wants to see a fairer, greener, more equal and happier Scotland.

It will provide a neutral space where allies and opponents alike can come together to create new thinking and build alliances on issues where they agree.

All the work of The Reid Foundation will be based on a series of underpinning principles drawn from Jimmy’s own thinking:

  • That society should be based on equality and social justice
  • That people should have the democratic power to influence their workplace and social institutions
  • That quality of life should be at the forefront of political debateand not an afterthought
  • That justice can only come from peace and support for human rights
  • That ideas, learning, arts and culture have the power to transform society and individuals
  • That all these principles are underpinned by the importance of national identity and a vision for Scotland

The Jimmy Reid Foundation has been set up by the Scottish Left Review Editorial Board ( - the SLR was Jimmy’s last major political project.