7th (2019) Jimmy Reid Annual Memorial Lecture – tickets now on sale

Scotland’s leading human rights lawyer, Aamer Anwar, to give 2019 Jimmy Reid annual lecture

The Jimmy Reid Foundation, in conjunction with the University of Glasgow, is delighted to announce that Scotland’s leading human rights lawyer, Aamer Anwar, is to give the seventh Jimmy Reid annual lecture on Thursday 10 October 2019. Currently, Aamer is the Rector of the University of Glasgow, as Jimmy Reid was in the early 1970s, and will give the lecture in the Bute Hall where Jimmy gave his famous rectorial address in 1972 called ‘Alienation’ and known as the ‘rat race is for rats’ speech.

The title of Aamer’s lecture is ‘The struggle for justice, equality and freedom in Scotland’. In it, he will not only discuss the state of justice, equality and human rights in Scotland but examine how the battle for these can be pursued in the face of opposition from the Scottish establishment.

The Lecture will be held in the Bute Hall, University of Glasgow G12 8QQ commencing at 6.30pm (attendees to be seated for 6.25pm) followed by a question and answer session, close of Lecture 8.00pm. Doors will open for registration from 5.30pm. There will be  an information stall and a display of items from the University’s Jimmy Reid Archive.

Tickets are £10 and £6 unwaged and can be purchased via PayPal below:

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To save on administration please print off your PayPal receipt and bring to registration desk. Alternatively tickets can be purchased by cheque etc. from Reid Foundation, 14, West Campbell Street, Glasgow  G12 6RX. Organisations and trade unions can purchase bulk numbers and be invoiced at contact@reidfoundation.org .